TalktoSonic – Sonic Survey – Get Free Drink

TalktoSonic – While having delicious hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches and smoothies, we all love to have drinks or iced tea with it. Because without drinks, every delicious meal is incomplete.


TalktoSonic – Sonic Survey – Get Free Drink

And if you get it in free, without paying anything for it, you will surely bless that soul for offering in free. Sonic Dive-in is one of the food chain company who offers their customers free drink or iced tea as a reward for a customer satisfaction survey.

To have drinks or iced tea during your next meal or food at Sonic Drive-in, don’t forget to participate in their customer satisfaction survey before. You’ll be rewarded!

SONIC is America’s one of the largest and popular food chains with 3,557 restaurants all over the United States of America who use to offer burgers, fries, sandwiches, onion rings, corn dogs, chilli dogs, slushes, milkshakes and soft drinks to their customers with very affordable prices.

They are far more excellence in their services and delivery since 1960. This food chain company is founded by Troy N. Smith Sr. after World War 2. Like its slogan ‘Service with the speed of sound’, SONIC became famous and customers first choice with the speed of sound and to continue their success without any break or jerk, they started customer satisfaction survey.

The survey is also become popular among its customers due to its ease of contacting and transparency that SONIC provides. With the help of the customer satisfaction survey, SONIC discover its flaws and disturbance in services which their customers are facing.

They act on the opinion and complaints that their customers give in the survey and improve or enhance the services by solving the problems within the customer next visit. In this way, SONIC use to maintain its quality offerings and the company names at the top. By being in between their customers and listen to their opinions.


Benefited with Sonic Survey

Only two ends will be benefited with the survey. One is you who participate in the survey and second is the company who conducts it. But if you look through overall, it’s the customer who is getting benefits 2 times more than the Sonic by getting improved and enhance services in their next visit and free drinks or iced tea as a reward.

By listening to your opinions and complains, SONIC act on it and filter the impurities that are spoiling their customer’s experience and by doing it, they are attracting more and more customers. So, it’s both ends who are benefiting at the end of it but more is the customer who is participating.

Before entering the survey, one must have to follow the rules and regulations with terms and conditions to participate in the survey.

  • One must have to be 18 year or old to participate.
  • One must have to be the legal resident of the United States of America.
  • One should be aware and acquaintance with English or Spanish language because the survey will be in these two languages.
  • One must have to purchase from the SONIC DRIVE-IN, to have the purchase receipt for online survey.
  • One must answer all the asked questions very sincerely. Because if they found that one is not serious about this survey or not genuine throughout it, will be debarred.
  • Purchase receipt must have to be of the last visit.
  • The purchase receipt is only valid for 14 days from purchase. So, one must have to participate within 14 days of the purchase.
  • Phone, laptop or computer must be connected with a good internet connection.
  • One must have to provide a valid Email Id.
  • On one receipt, only one participant can participate every time.
  • Employees and their family members or relatives of SONIC are not allowed to participate.
  • The reward prize will not transfer onto cash.
  • One can redeem the reward only at SONIC DRIVE-IN.
  • The reward is only valid for 60 days. So, one must redeem its reward within 60 days.
  • One must provide a piece of legal and true information during the survey.
  • The terms can change by the company at any time without any prior notice. You have to agree whatever the terms and conditions will be at the time.

Now its time to dive you in for a survey and guide you step by step. You can participate through the online survey, so make sure you have the last visit purchase receipt and good internet connection.

  • At first, connect your phone, tablet, laptop or computer with internet.
  • Now visit on this link, .
  • Choose the language in which you are comfortable with for further clear communications.
  • Once the page is open infront of you, you will find a dialogue box asking 12-digit ID number which you will find in your last visit purchase receipt at bottom.
  • Enter the ID and click ‘START’.
  • Now, you will be asked Date and Time of your last visit, enter the correct data in the field and move ahead.
  • Then, enter the purchase details you made on your last visit to the store.
  • Next, a questionnaire you will see.
  • You will be asked about the experience of your last visit and SONIC services. To know more in detail about the questions, visit .
  • Now, you have to answer all of them in brief with honesty.
  • In the end, after submitting the answers, you will get a redeemable survey code which you can redeem on your next visit in SONIC DRIVE-IN.

Or you can also apply directly for Sonic Gift Card via dialling;

877 828 7868

For any further information, you can visit at www.sonicdrivein.comwhere you will get your answers easily and quickly.



This all information is gathered from the SONIC DRIVE-IN official sites and authorities. It is very easy to follow the guide and participate in the survey which takes a maximum of 3 minutes of your life. You should not miss the opportunity of improving the services that you are gonna use in your everyday life.  In case, you want to contact SONIC DRIVE-IN, you can dial

66 657 6642 /405 225 5000

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TelltheBell – $500 free – Taco Bell Survey

TelltheBell – No matter how rich your pockets are, when you will get $500 free as a reward, you will happily on one foot accept it. Yes, it’s not petty endowment that you are getting, it’s a reward you will get which you can win with your participation just after having a stomach-full eat at Taco Bell.


TelltheBell – $500 free – Taco Bell Survey

The very familiar name among eaters and one of the favourite choices of eaters. Taco Bell conducting a customer satisfaction survey and those who will participants in it and answer all the survey questions selected four participants will be rewarded $500 cash underdraw program every week.

So, isn’t it a great deal to half your bill amount or just make it zero in your next visit at Taco Bell by participating in the survey?

Taco Bell is America’s trending fast-food chain restaurants originating in 1962 by Glen Bell. The success of Taco Bell is truly inspiring as Glen used to sell Hot dog and run a Hot Dog stand in California in 1948 and one day, he saw a long line Infront of the Mexican restaurant which is popular for its hard-shelled tacos.

Bell took a job in that restaurant and change the recipe of the taco which eaters become a fan of it and taco of Glen gone hit. Then, Glen opened his restaurant name Taco Bell in Downey, California in 1962.

That day it was and now, Taco Bell never looked back. With the flow of time, Taco Bell has 7072 restaurants all over the world run under PepsiCo subsidiary, sold by Glenn Bell in 1978, treating their customer’s appetite with the delicious fast food.

The image Taco Bell has gained among eaters is very trustable and worth trying. To continue their stoke of success and popularity among their customers or to attract more and more eaters all over the world, they have started Customer Satisfaction Survey (TelltheBell) to know about the problems or disturbance they are facing with their services.

So that Taco Bell can improve and enhance it within their customer’s next visit and offer superior services to them. And in exchange, they reward the participants with a $500 reward.


Benefited from TelltheBell Survey

TelltheBell survey is all about you in the end. If you give your honest opinion and regards about your last visit experience, then Taco Bell will act on it accordingly and will improve and enhances their services to provide you with flawless experience on your next visit.

By acting on your opinion, they directly making a strong bond with their customers which they will never lose. Add on, new ones will be attracted and this way their business game will go stronger.

So, by taking care of their customers, they are developing. In sort, both ends will be benefited but those who are participating in the survey are X 2, immediately.Worthy!

Everything is work according to their rules and regulations with their terms and conditions. TelltheBell too! To be eligible for TelltheBell survey, you have followed certain rules and regulations with their terms and conditions.

  • One must have to be 18 years old to participate.
  • One must have to be the legal residents of fifty United States of America and Columbia.
  • There is no need to purchase or not necessary to purchasefor entering into the survey.
  • One must be an acquaintance or familiar with either English or Spanish for clear communication and understanding.
  • The employees, their relatives, their family members, administrators, or directors of the Taco Bell are strictly not allowed.
  • The survey reward can not be transferred into cash or tradeable.
  • One prize per survey.
  • One can participate in this survey only one time per week.
  • One must provide the valid email id and the contact details.
  • One must follow all the sweepstakes rule and regulation because TelltheBell survey takes place under it.

Now, if you are agreeing to follow this above needs then let just jump in in the ways of entering into the TelltheBell survey.

There are mainly two ways:

  1. Online Survey
  2. Mail-In

Now, I’ll tell you the steps of both ways. Read carefully and follow.

Online Survey

  • To participate in the survey through Online, make sure at first that your mobile, laptop, tablet or computer is connected with a good internet connection to avoid any further disturbance in the communication or survey.
  • Second, you must have last visit purchase receipt with you.
  • Now, visit on at first.
  • After the opening of the page, you will find a dialogue box where the 16-digit survey code is asked.
  • Now, you will find this 16-digit survey code on your last visit purchase receipt.
  • Enter this in that dialogue box and click next.
  • Now, you will be asked for Store number, Date and Time of your last visit. Enter this all information from your purchase receipt.
  • Now, after this page, you will be face questionnaire which you have to answer honestly and sincerely.
  • All the questions will be regarding your last visit experience and you have to rateon the scale of satisfied and dissatisfied based on it.
  • Questions will be related to your orders, price, services, administration, place.
  • At the last of the survey, one comment box will be given to you where you have to write your opinion regarding Taco Bell experience.
  • After filling the box with your honest opinion from your last visit, submit it.
  • In the end, after submitting, you have to apply for Taco Bell sweepstakes that will be given to you.
  • You just have accepted it by clicking on accept and you will be asked about your name, address, contact number and email id.
  • Make sure, you are entering all the info true and valid because if you are selected as the winner of the survey, they will contact you through the contact information.

Those who don’t have any receipt or haven’t visited at Taco Bell but still want to participate in the survey, they can by Mail-In.


  • To participate in the Taco Bell sweepstake, you have to purchase postcard of size 3*5-inch.
  • Write down your name, address, age, contact number in it.
  • Mail it to:

Taco Bell Client Surveys Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 6047, Department 39421, Douglas, AZ85655.

For further more information, you can visit at



All the lucky winners will be informed through the contact details they provided and will receive the check of $500 on their name. TelltheBell also declares their winners list on their site . Do not miss this golden opportunity to win $500 on your name which you can redeem immediately on your next visit at Taco Bell. Try your luck!

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