JackListens – Get Free Tacos – JackListens Survey

JackListens – Some dishes are so delicious and finger-licking good that our heart wants more! But sometimes our budget is too low at that time to have extra or another one. Which we all have experienced, one time or another.


JackListens – Get Free Tacos – JackListens Survey

But Jack in the box is the place where you will satisfy your hunger for burgers and chicken and one more!

Yes, you read it right. They are rewarding their customers’ free food or drinks if they participate and complete the fun short satisfaction survey online by them for the quality check purpose.

Before diving in in the survey process, let me first tell you in brief about,

Jack in The Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded by Robert O. Peterson on February 21, 1951, in California. From this long-long journey, they are now wide-spread and popular in 2,200 locations in the United States of America.

Their main USP is the serving of chicken tenders, French fries, hamburgers and cheeseburger sandwiches. They also have varieties of internationally themed servings like tacos and egg rolls.

Best known for its Hamburgers. With time, they keep adapting the new flavours and ways for treating their customers and surprise them with it during their next visit. Due to its serving, they are immensely popular among eaters of USA.

To keep in maintain theprecise trust and love of their customers towards Jack in The Box, they came up with the idea through which they can improve the lows and drawbacks of their services and offerings, that there any customer who faced or facing over the place while eating their products.

Guest Satisfaction Survey they started, where customers are asked about the experience from their last visit and complaints. In exchange of that, those who participate in this survey get rewards from Jack in The Box which they can redeem and win free Tacos, drinks or Jumbo packs.


Benefitted with JackListens Survey

Its benefits are like a circle, from whom the survey start, at the end of it, they will be benefitted. Which means from Jack in The Box and their Customers this starts and at the end of it, bothwill be benefited. Especially participants will be X2 compare to the company. Customer will get better services and rewards both at the end. While the company will improve its lows and disturbance of their services and offerings which will help them to grow stronger and rapid in between eaters.

I know, now you guys are way more impatience to know how to participate. But before letting you to that, you should know about the rules and regulations with terms and conditions of the survey which is important to follow to become eligible for it.

  • One must have to be the legal resident of the fifty United States of America.
  • One must have the recent purchase receipt of Jack in the Box visit.
  • One must be familiar with the English or Spanish language.
  • Receipts are only valid for a limited period of visiting the store.
  • The Receipt importantly should be valid and of your last visit.
  • One must take the survey within 72 hours of purchase.
  • The survey code on the purchase receipt is only valid for 72 hours.
  • After one gets their coupon code, they must have to redeem it within 7 days at Jack in The Box.
  • Participant must be at least 18 years or old.
  • One entry per user or household.
  • The Rewarded cannot be replaced.
  • Any illegal attempt to destroy or modify the customer satisfaction survey violates the civil and criminal law of the US.
  • Any harmful or damaging commentslike unfair ideas and false statements, your subscription may end or contemplation of Jack in The Box rules will lead to cancellation.
  • The employees and their family members cannot participate.
  • One must have good internet connections connected with their phones, computers and laptops to avoid any failure of the survey.

Now, let’s head towards the steps or procedure of the survey and understand it in detail.

  • First, to jump in in the survey, visit on jacklistens.com.
  • Then, you will be asked to choose your survey language which is English or Spanish.
  • After selecting it, you will be asked for 14-digit survey code which you can find on your purchase receipt which is only valid for three days from your buy.
  • After that, enter the store location where you last visited and purchased then hit “YES”.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter the date and time that is printed on your purchase receipt and select the service you had there.
  • Now, questions regarding your experience with Jack in The Box will be asked.
  • Answer all the questions sincerely and genuinely.
  • Most of it will be on the scale of satisfaction level.
  • After facing or answering several fun questions, you will get a validation code that you have to carry on your next visit with you to redeem it.
  • You have to visit Jack in The Box within 7 days of having validation code and you will be rewarded with 2 free tacos or drinks or jumbo packs.



Jack in The Box survey is directly for their customers who will get 2 free tacos or free drinks or jumbo pack and chance to enhance or improve the service quality of their lovely burger chain.

So, don’t miss this and take part with high excitement and attend all the questions sincerely. Just follow and go through the above information carefully. I have gathered this much important information just for eaters like me who loves to eat healthy fast-food and looks for more or extra in everything.

It’s very easy to connect with them. For any further queries or complaints or information you can visit on www.jackinthebox.com site or you can send your post to this address: Jack in The Box INC. Attn: Guest Relations 9330 Balboa Ave. San Diego, CA 92123-1516.

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