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Take Express Survey & Get 15% Off on the next visit: The express customer satisfaction survey which is found on their online website at is an online questionnaire that is designed by the company for their loyal customer to tell them how they feel about their companies services and products. – Express Feedback Survey – Discount

The company uses the information to improve the different types of sections. This questionnaire is made online for the convenience of the customer so that they can take the survey when are free and desired to take the survey.

How to Take Part in the Survey

First things first, the user needs to access the web and then log in to the official site of the Express customer survey at

  1. Next, the user needs to select the language which is either English or Spanish for the Express customer survey
  2. Next, the user needs to enter the digit number that Is located on the Express receipt
  3. Next, the user needs to enter the date of time, and store number mentioned on your Express receipt
  4. Next, the user needs to start the Express survey by clicking on the start button
  5. Next, the user needs to rate accordingly to the experience that they felt overall at the Express store
  6. The user needs to give a rating on the customer service, location, staff behavior, the environment, price, hours, etc. during the recent visit to Express restaurant
  7. The user can also provide their opinion and suggestion in the Express survey
  8. The user is required to answer all the questions honestly in the Express survey
  9. Next, the user needs to provide the correct and valid email address, personal data like name, the number for the Express survey
  10. Next, the user needs to submit the survey form on their official website which is availed at
  11. Next, the user would get the Express coupon to redeem to save money
  12. The user needs to carry the coupon code to redeem the offer in the Express locations Survey Reward

Upon completing the survey, the user would receive a reward of a 15% discount coupon on their future shopping. The user can use this coupon during their next visit to their store.

What is Required to Enter the Express Customer Survey?

  1. The user must have a smartphone or tablet or pc or smartphone to complete the customer survey of Express
  2. A proper valid email address of the user is required for the Express survey
  3. The user must know basic English and Spanish in the Express survey
  4. The user should have a couple of minutes for the Express survey
  5. Express customer satisfaction survey Rules and Eligibility
  6. The user must have purchased from the store to enter the Express customer survey
  7. The user must be a legal citizen residing in the United States of America to participate in the Express survey
  8. The user should be 18 years old and above to participate in the Express customer survey
  9. The company’s employees are not allowed permission to participate in the Express customer survey
  10. The user must be able to understand either English or Spanish; as only these languages are available in the Express customer survey
  11. The user cannot exchange the prize in the Express survey
  12. The user must have the ability to recall the last experience of the Express survey
  13. There is a maximum of one entry per survey code in the Express coffee survey
  14. The user must read the survey rules carefully and must complete all quests asked in the survey of the Express

About Express Survey

Participating in the survey does require having a purchase from the shop. But the people who are participating in the survey have a great chance to raise their voices and tell the company what they want. Many customers wish for the chance where they can tell the company what they want. The company wants to use the information and check what is working and what is not.

Another benefit that is provided to the customer by the company is that they would receive a discount coupon of 15% off on their next shopping. so, this is an advantage to the customer where they can voice their opinion and tell the company what they want and plus get a 15% off coupon to shop more and enjoy!

About Express

Express is a privately held American fashion retailer which caters to the fashion of young men and women. Express is a brand division of limited brands which originally began in the year 1980 as limited express. By the year 1986, the express has become an ever-growing chain. In the year 2016, the chain’s revenue was at a whopping $2.35 billion for the fiscal year.

The company is located in New York and express sells both traditional and on-trend pieces as well as accessory items. Currently, express offers its own store credit card and loyal program that allows users to collect points over a period of time to trade in for the store reward.


The express store offers a wide range of products for women and men. Through the survey, the express wants to know about the customer’s opinion. Through the survey, the company wants to fulfill the client’s needs and demands. Express allows their customers to take part in the survey and share their candid suggestions to improve express customer service.

The express customer satisfaction survey mainly aims to collect useful feedback from their customer to find the loopholes in the company. from the collected information through the survey, the company would make the following changes so that the customer has an enriched shopping experience in the future.

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