– Free Taco Coupon – Del Taco Survey – Del Taco is the second place you will love to eat after home. Not just because of its delicious and finger-licking, mouth watery menu offering but also due to its caring approach towards their customer after satisfying their craving appetite. – Free Taco Coupon – Del Taco Survey

You read it right! Del Taco rewards $1 off on $3 purchase or more, everytime you visit.Del Taco conducts a survey called, “Del Taco Guest Satisfaction Survey”on www.myopinion.deltaco.comunder sweepstakes policy in which every participant will be rewarded with $1 off on $3 or more of purchase which you can get on your next visit.

Isn’t it like the cherry on the cake!

Before telling you how you can earn this profitable reward through the satisfaction survey, let be acquaintance with the Del Taco!

Like the name sounds, interesting and worth trying.The food they served is also worth spicy and tasty that your mouth and heart both will remember for a long time after visiting and eating.

Del Taco is a very famous and preferable choice of every eater out there in the USA for their daily snacks and breakfast.Its headquarter locates at Lake Forest, California, United States of America, founded by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson.

They opened their first Del Taco in Yermo, CA in 1964 with a bumper start of $169 in sales on its first day in business. The success story of Del Taco inspires millions of startupenthusiasts.

With the passaging time, Del Taco has grown like amoon. They have more than 500 restaurants in the United States of America now, serving healthy and excellent American-style Mexican cuisine and American foods like burgers, fries, shakes and ice-creams in low prices so that everyone can have their full bites.

And to maintain their popularity and quality of their offering services, they have started a satisfaction survey. They ask the participants several questions regarding their last visit experience with Del Taco and in exchange, they reward the participants with $1 off on $3 or more purchase on their next visit.

Who will be Benefitted Del Taco Survey

This is how Del Taco smartly gets information and reviews from their customers and with the help of it, they improve their quality and services by upgrading their drawbacks or flaws for their dear customers. Add on, in exchange for the survey, they thanks the participants with rewards. Such a motherly approach Del Taco has! Benefiting both at the same time.

To participate, you need to know numbers of rules and regulation, terms and conditions at first.

  • One must have to be the legal resident of the United States of America.
  • One must be 18 years old or more than that.
  • One has to basic knowledge and understanding of English and Spanish language.
  • Only one per household can participate.
  • One can not exchange coupon into cash.
  • One must have to redeem a coupon within 60 days of the visit.
  • Only one person alone can use the coupon.
  • Employees or their families are not allowed to participate.
  • For the online survey, one must need an internet connection in their mobile, computer or laptop.
  • One must have a purchase receipt to take part in the online survey.
  • Email-id is must get a discount on the purchase.

After agreeing on this simple and important terms and conditions, now you are ready to participate in the survey. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, visit on this link myopinion.deltaco.comto enter into the survey site.
  • Now, choose the survey language between English and Spanish. In which you are comfortable and can understand easily.
  • Then, in the submit box, enter Survey Code which you will find on the purchase receipt of your last time.
  • Then, click Next to proceed ahead.
  • Fill all the required details that are asked on the next page truly and proceed ahead.
  • Now, you will have the numbers of questions regarding Del Taco services and offerings. Answer sincerely and genuinelybased on satisfied or dissatisfied.
  • All the questions will be around Del Taco’s team’s service nature, customer management, price, location, atmosphere, hours, menu, etc.
  • After submitting your answers, you will be asked about your name, address, contact number, email address. Give the right information because this will help them to get in touch with you regarding any queries if needed.
  • In the end, after the completion of the survey, they will give you validation code to redeem your reward at Del Taco store.Awarely, save the validation code or notedown somewhere.

Now you are deeply acknowledged with and prepared with this revisionI gues to attend the Satisfaction survey on and win the exciting rewards.

So, what are you waiting for? Just jump in!

For any further queries and information or any complaint or help you want from Del Taco, you can reach on their official site where you will be guided.

Or directly click on this link for instant help.


This satisfaction survey is directly beneficial for you because whatever suggestion and feedbacks you will provide in the survey, Del Taco gonna act on it to enhance your experience in the future.

So, in awareness of such profitable things, answer every question that is gonna be asked, answer it sincerely. Whether it’s good or bad or anything you feel during it. Just be by heart and tell them everything you feel they should know.

I have accumulated all this information from their official guidelines, websites and experience of my own. Do not ignore or miss this opportunity because not every company or brand or organization offer such transparency with their customers.

Understand the depth and importance of the survey and logic behind it and then act on it by participating in it.It was fun for me to answer all the questions and I believe you too will enjoy this because there is no marking or negative marking in it at the end of the survey. The result will be always in your favour.

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